The Aquabon Advantage

The Aquabon Advantage

Who Is AQUABON Water Refiners Ltd?

  • Independent Canadian locally owned business since 1986


  • Accredited Water Treatment experts with over 40 years of residential water treatment experience


  • Full in-house installation and service team


  • Customized Residential Solutions suited to the  unique specifications of your area

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How Clean Is Your Water?

How Clean is your Water

The AQUABON Advantage

There are many different water softeners out there but AQUABON’s system is unique to the industry which offers our clients an advantage.

The Up Flow Difference

Unlike conventional down flow brining water softeners that do not fully regenerate the resin media, Aquabon Systems use Counter Current Up Flow Brining. Which starts regenerating the resin media from the bottom of the tank up, rather than from the top down. The salt brine solution spreads through the under bedding and resin from the bottom, lifting the trapped hardness and iron up and out of the tank. This is a critical difference, because down flow regeneration, common in most other systems, removes the hardness and iron from the top of the resin bed, where it is most prevalent, and deposits it in the cleaner resin at the bottom. This previously clean resin now has to be regenerated which use significantly more salt and water. The Upflow advantage saves you money, salt and time. 

Upflow ProcessClick to View Video

Feel the difference

Once you have conditioned your water, you can feel the difference immediatelySoft water bennefits

How Much Water Do You Use?

Saving Advantage

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