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Into everyone’s life a little rain must fall. We here at AQUABON understand that not every product is perfect. That is why we offer industry leading warranties on all of our products and we stand behind their quality and our installations.

Our Service team is also able to provide services on virtually all other units on the market. So if you already have a unit in your home, and you think is it is not working we can help with that.

Should you ever need any repair work done on any of your units, be it filter replacements or major work, AQUABON’s service representatives are ready to help. Just book an appointment and our scheduling representative will provide you with information and a service time. Please note that some appointment times will already be filled but we will work with you to get your needs handled as quickly and professionally as possible.

 Aquabon is  here to offer several types of services all you need to do is call.


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We want to start by thanking-you for purchasing your new water treatment system from us. Now, it is time to get the unit installed in your home, so that you can start enjoying a better water experience.

We here at AQUABON take the installation of your new product to a higher level. Our service technicians are ready to handle any type of installation, from Water Softeners to Reverse Osmosis water units. With over 17 years of combined installation experience, our technicians will look at the best way to mount your new unit, so that you are able to get the most out of it. We will also look at utilizing as little space as possible for the installation, there-by making it as un-intrusive as possible. This minimal use of space will not interfere with any plans for your basement or living spaces moving forward.

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AQUABON believes in making sure that your water is the best that it can be for you, your family, and your pets. That is why we train our consultants to the highest standards, knowing what to test for and how to explain the results to you.

Each of our sales consultants has been certified by the Canadian Water Quality Association (CWQA). The CWQA requires all of its members to be up to date on the industry and to pass a comprehensive examination before certification is issued. ALL of our sales consultants have either passed their exams or are in the process of writing their final test.

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Water Testing Services

We here at AQUABON understand that each community’s water is different from one another. We know that some water has more iron and some water has more chlorine. Water can even differ from street to street in some areas.

That is why we offer each home an no cost water analysis. This allows you to view the testing process and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. Getting a water test done on your home’s water is a very simple way of finding out how hard your water is or if there is anything in it that needs to be removed.

Our water consultants are certified by the Canadian Water Quality Association (CWQA) and are able to go through their findings with you and suggest any solutions to any issues that may be found.

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