Aquabon's Reverse Osmosis System and Faucet

Aquabon’s Reverse Osmosis System and Faucet

Reverse Osmosis 75

AQUA 75-4 Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis SystemAQUA 5-50 Reverse Osmosis System

Crystal clear, sparkling water, at your finger tips!

Thanks to the technology available today, you can now enjoy the fresh, clean taste of REVERSE OSMOSIS DRINKING WATER, in your home, at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. This is the same process used by most of the major bottled water companies. You now, however, have this same great lasting water available at your kitchen sink, rather than lifting those heavy, expensive bottles.

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AQUABON assures the quality of it’s product by testing each and every Reverse Osmosis System, at the factory, prior to shipping, and offers a full five year limited warranty with each unit. The entire system can be mounted under your kitchen sink, or in your basement, and uses no energy, other than your normal, 40 to 80 psi., water pressure.

AQUABON also includes an attractive, chrome plated, lead free faucet, which mounts next to your present faucet. The system can also be connected directly to most icemakers and refrigerator water dispensers. Designer faucets available to coordinate with your fixtures.

AQUABON'S Reverse Osmosis System reduces the total dissolved solids and organic matter in your drinking water by passing it through a special membrane. The membrane separates minerals and impurities from your water and flushes them to the drain. The high quality product water goes into the storage tank ready for your use. You will be delighted with its great taste and its many uses.

Reverse Osmosis

Refreshing glass of R.O Water




Reverse Osmosis Water

Clean clear Water


Sediment Pre-Filtration.

Traps dirt, and, rust particles, etc.


Protects the membrane from chlorine & organic compounds.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane.

Separates the total dissolved solids from the drinking water.

Carbon Post-Filtration.

Removes any remaining chlorine and other chemicals that may be present, and greatly improves the taste and odor of the final product prior to use.

Automatic Shut off Valve.

Saves you money on your water bill and increases the life of the R.O. membrane.

4 Gallon Storage Tank.

Standard Long Reach Faucet

Capillary Tube Restrictor.

Provides the proper amount of water to rinse impurities from the membrane.

Five Year Limited Warranty

RO Chart

Bottom Chart

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