Whole Store Solutions

Provide the best water throughout the entire store. Especially in areas where the level of hardness is 5 grains per gallon or higher, water treatment systems installed at the Point of Entry (POE) is the most dramatic and cost effective addition to a supermarket. Applications include:

  • Produce Misters
  • Humidified Display Counters, Proofers and ovens
  • Ingredient water in Scratch Bakeries, reconstituted soups, etc.
  • Floral Departments for cut flowers.
  • Combi-ovens & Ice Makers. One caveat here is that some appliances use a conductivity probe to control the water level.

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Water Softening Systems

Commercial Water Softening Systems

Hard water scale build-up can reduce the lifespan and effectiveness of your water using departmental equipment.  Nimbus has a solution to meet the demanding specifications of all types of businesses and institutions with simple and reliable equipment. Benefits include: reduction in energy costs, elimination of scale build up on fixtures and appliances, and reduction in chemical costs. 

Water hardness is responsible for many maintenance and process problems in commercial applications. The Nimbus line of Automatic Commercial Water Softeners provides soft water to meet the demanding specifications of all types of businesses and institutions with simple and reliable equipment.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis

Commercial reverse osmosis system

Some of the chains that are considered the most sophisticated and effective at reducing costs have found a measurable benefit in having a centralized reverse osmosis system feeding key functions in their stores.

A Nimbus Reverse Osmosis system supplying all of the high quality/lower consumption functions in a Supermarket or Restaurant will:

  • Improve quality of all prepared foods with water as an ingredient.
  • Reduce maintenance and improve efficiency of equipment such as combi-ovens, ice makers, proofing ovens, ovens, humidified display counters and coffee and espresso makers.
  • Protect the integrity of organic produce by eliminating chlorine from the misters.
  • Improve taste and sometimes reduce the amount of syrup needed in fountain pop systems.

Water Filtration Systems

Commercial Water Filtration Systems

The Nimbus line of commercial filters will ensure years of trouble-free service, improve the taste and appearance of your products and prolong the life of your water using departmental equipment. Every system is unique and is fully customized to fit your needs. Benefits include: improving functionality of equipment, improved product taste & appearance and prolonged equipment life.

Commercial Water Filters:

  • Manganese Greensand Filter
  • Multi-Media Filter
  • Neutralizing Filters
  • Chemical Free Iron Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter

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