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Environmentally Friendly Water Dispensing Solutions

A number of factors have to be considered by any company providing Vended Water to consumers. For example:

  • Companies providing Vended Water are in the Bottled Water business, with all of the risks associated with this endeavor.
  • Companies should be testing for bacteria with an independent, Third Party laboratory.
  • Maintenance and Service should be in the hands of certified professionals adhering to the highest protocols.
  • Only certified dispensers and production systems should be used.
  • Only dispensers with fail-safe protections in place should be used.  

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Water Vending Solution

Water vending machines

Nimbus provides equipment, service and technical support to own and operate Water Store and Water Dispensing Equipment

Nimbus offers a complete line of water dispensing equipment:

  • Range of products that includes built in treatment systems or split production and dispensing equipment.
  • No trenching for drains required, standard electrical connection.
  • Meets all plumbing code requirements including air gap and back-flow prevention.
  • Exceeds Government guidelines for water dispensers.
  • Options include: non-coin, coin, bill acceptors.
  • Telemetrics and credit card acceptors are now also available!! Nimbus is the Canadian Distributor for the largest manufacturer in North America of vended equipment for sale.

Window Vending Unit

Window Vending Unit

Water Vending Operations can be a Profitable Business Opportunity. It Is The Perfect Part Time Business Opportunity Where You Can Attain Full Time Repeatable Income.

Consumers are concerned about their health, especially when they're bombarded daily by the media, exposing problems with their drinking water. This concern is reflected by the amount of shelf space dedicated to water in grocery and convenience stores, add to this, the number of water vending machines that are located in front of the major supermarkets.

With approximately 30,000 installed water vending machines within the US, there still exists a great many profitable locations for the potential Entrepreneur.

Bottled Water Washer and Filler

Bottle water washer and filler

For those desiring to expand a water business or to begin washing and filling large containers for the water delivery business.

  • 3 stage cleaning
  • 2 goose neck filling spouts
  • Easily adjustable fill spouts
  • Large flow 24 volt solenoid valve
  • Fill guard protector
  • Jet stream wash nozzle
  • Semi-automatic operation
  • Sanitized cap well
  • Heated washing and sterilization

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