Departmental Solutions

While a Whole Store solution is almost always the best solution, for any number of reasons some operators may choose solutions dedicated to individual departments or appliances.

Nimbus provides a variety of departmental solutions. These solutions include Point of Entry (POE) or Point of Use (POU) reverse osmosis systems, filtration systems, carbon filters, softening units, scale treatment. These systems do not need backroom space, external storage tanks or floor drains.

Water Softening Systems

Commercial Water Softening Systems

Hard water scale build-up can reduce the lifespan and effectiveness of your water using departmental equipment.  Nimbus has a solution to meet the demanding specifications of all types of businesses and institutions with simple and reliable equipment. Benefits include: reduction in energy costs, elimination of scale build up on fixtures and appliances, and reduction in chemical costs. 

Water hardness is responsible for many maintenance and process problems in commercial applications. The Nimbus line of Automatic Commercial Water Softeners provides soft water to meet the demanding specifications of all types of businesses and institutions with simple and reliable equipment.

Water Filtration Systems

Commercial Water Filtration Systems

The Nimbus line of commercial filters will ensure years of trouble-free service, improve the taste and appearance of your products and prolong the life of your water using departmental equipment. Every system is unique and is fully customized to fit your needs. Benefits include: improving functionality of equipment, improved product taste & appearance and prolonged equipment life.

Commercial Water Filters:

  • Manganese Greensand Filter
  • Multi-Media Filter
  • Neutralizing Filters
  • Chemical Free Iron Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter

Scale Inhibitors

Scale inhibitors - commercial coffee machine

One solution here is a High Flow Dual Media Scale Control Cartridge. These cartridges are effective at up to 30 grains of hardness per gallon. As a single cartridge the maximum flow rate is 6.3 litres per minute but this can be doubled or tripled by using twin parallel or triple parallel heads. The term between cartridge exchanges can be up to one year.

Applications include:

  • Coffee makers
  • Espresso machines
  • Ice makers

Bottleless® Water Coolers

Bottleless Water Coolers

Many retailers are going to considerable expense providing water coolers in their offices, warehouses and store lunch rooms in the interest of keeping their employees healthy and productive. Bottled water coolers, in addition to the expense, have the inconvenience of handling bottles and the environmental impact of the millions of tons of green house gases handling and transporting water. In an effort to reduce the environmental impact of bottled water, some companies have turned to converted bottled water coolers. These coolers don’t always provide a level of purity and protection consistent with the high standards of the food industry. Inadequately designed and improperly maintained coolers can actually increase contamination levels and generate high levels of bacteria in a reservoir of unprotected water.

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