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Nimbus Water Systems offers a complete line of Water Filtration and Purification for home including Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems for every budget. With a Reverse Osmosis System bottled water is a thing of the past. Your water will look clear and taste crisp, from coffee to tea, ice cubes to iced drinks, soups to sauces, baby formula to baby food, everything you use water for will taste better. Water as it was intended to be; water and oxygen. Harmful chemicals and impurities removed!

Point-of-Use (POU) Water Treatment Systems are installed on individual faucets or other dedicated outlets used to dispense water for drinking, cooking or bathing. Reverse osmosis is the finest method of purifying water among other water filtration methods as it removes the highest percentage of chemicals from water.

Drinking Water - Reverse Osmosis System

Drinking Water - Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis is the most effective and economical way to provide your family with high quality drinking water. The Nimbus Reverse Osmosis semi-permeable membrane rinses contaminants to the drain with less water waste. High quality drinking water is produced and conveniently stored in a sealed tank. The lead-free faucet easily delivers an abundant supply of clear, clean and refreshing drinking water to you and your family.

  • Stage 1: Removes dirt, sediment, sand and other physical particles
  • Stage 2: Reduces chemicals such as Chlorine that may be in your water supply
  • Stage 3: Membrane reduces up to 98% of dissolved minerals such as salt from your water
  • Stage 4: Polishing process that removes tastes and odors out of the water

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