Bottled Water Coolers

Water coolers that provide clean, economical, better tasting water. Nimbus coolers improve the water quality by reducing harmful and unwanted elements that can affect water's taste. What remains is clean refreshing water, the way nature intended. Nimbus systems can be customized for your specific needs with the most advanced Reverse Osmosis or Filtration technologies available today. 

For a more convenient and environmentally-friendly option, see Bottleless® Water Coolers

Bottled Water Coolers

Bottled Water Cooler

The Nimbus POU (Point of Use) cooler can be connected to a choice of the most advanced Reverse Osmosis or Filtration systems available. Cooler available with Hot & Cold temperature faucets. 

The Nimbus Filtration Cooler uses a simple and effective water treatment system to deliver cleaner, better tasting water. 

Counter-top options is available to bring you refreshing water in a unit that fits neatly on any counter top and connects easily to your water supply or can be used with a water treatment unit. These coolers are also available in Hot & Cold temperature faucets. 

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