Iron in Water

Iron in Water

Iron is a naturally occurring metal and one of the earth’s most plentiful chemicals. Rain water seeping through the soil dissolves it in the earth’s surface. From there, it is carried into almost every kind of natural water supply and the municipal water supplies.

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Iron issues

Water with high iron levels can form reddish brown particles that settle to the bottom of a glass of water. Concentrations of  as low as 0.3 PPM (300 ug/L) can leave reddish brown stains on plumbing fixtures, tableware and laundry which can be very hard to remove and may cause an offensive odor and Fe concentrations in groundwater may also cause tap water to be discoloured. 

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Damage Caused by Iron in Water


Iron in well water takes its toll on laundry, dishes and water receptacles, such as sinks, tubs, shower walls, and toilette. The toll left is red, yellow or brown stains that are difficult, if not impossible, to remove.


When it travels with water, it sometimes stops for extended period of time where it is least wanted. It can accumulate and clogs dishwashers, washing machines, sprinklers, wells, water pumps and other similar appliances and accessories. This unwanted visitor can cause damage requiring expensive repairs.


Fe in water affects both beverages and food. It causes the water to taste harsh, metallically offensive, and the taste carries into coffee, tea and other beverages made with iron-laden water. Aside from bad taste, it can add an unpleasant, inky blackness to beverages.


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Iron - tank

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Bad taste

Bad taste


Water Softener

AQUABON’s water softeners are the best products to deal with any hard water concerns you may have. Our unique Up-Flow system allows water to be treated perfectly, while economically saving you money on salt and service calls.

Specialized Iron, Sulphur, and Manganese Filters

AQUABON recommends an ISM Filter system to deal with Iron levels that you may encounter in your water.

That said, there are many different variables that need to be looked at and our representatives would be more than ready to sit down with you and discuss what is in your water.

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Fresh Cold Water Splash on White Solid Background. 3D Rendered Freshness Water Theme.

Water splash Image

Fresh Cold Water Splash on White Solid Background. 3D Rendered Freshness Water Theme.

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