Do you have Discoloration in Your Water

Do you have Discoloration in Your Water

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There are many causes for discoloration in your water. Some of the most common causes are mud, sand, Iron, tannin or manganese. The way the water looks could indicate what is causing it. If the H2O is cloudy it could be mud or sand. If it is yellow causes include but are not limited to, Iron or Tannin. If the water is brown you may have Iron or Manganese in the water. Discolored in your water is due to some seepage. It should be investigated. Pure water is crystal clear, anything that changes that can create health issues. There are literally thousands of contaminants that can cause health issues that are dissolved in many water supplies.  Getting your H2O tested for these causes is not only for your health but for other reasons as well.  Iron can stain your toilets and sinks if it is left untreated. The treatment options for discoloration in your  water differ as well. For muddy water, large storage tanks for settling plus filtration is recommended. For sand, basic filters will remove it. For Iron and manganese iron filter or some softeners will do the job well. If tannin is present, there are tannin units that clear the water. There are other issues that can come up in your water other than the color.  In some places there can be a smell or a bad taste in the water. Water dissolves whatever it comes into contact with, affecting taste and odors. Rotting vegetation will sometimes smell like rotten eggs and leave a bad taste in the water. For home that have these issues and air injection iron/Sulphur/manganese filter works well, carbon filters for taste and odors followed by ultra violet light.  For small amounts of drinking water Reverse Osmosis is best. Some well water has multiple issues in these cases more complex custom treatments are required.

If you are experiencing issues with the color, taste or smell the best course of action is to have a trained technician come out and test your H2O.  This will help you determine what the issues are and how they can be fixed.  If you have a shallow well you may need to send a sample into the town and get it tested for bacteria just to be safe.

Water is something we use every day and it is a good idea to make sure that you are getting the best water possible for you and your family.

Discoloration in Your water
discoloration in your water

If you find you have discoloration in your  water please give us a call or check out our website; Whats in your Water

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