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Nimbus is a Canadian company that provides sales and service of water treatment equipment across Canada. For over 30 years, Nimbus has served the residential, office, commercial and retail sectors.

  • Fully certified products, installations and ongoing service of water filtration systems
  • Complete product offering to meet all budgets and price points
  • National presence with regional offices and certified employees working in every province

Nimbus has built a loyal customer base and has earned its reputation through an honest and educational sales process that allows customers to make informed decisions about their water treatment needs.

Free Standing Bottleless Water Cooler

Free Standing Bottleless Water Cooler

Now you can eliminate the environmental impact of bottled water systems, and enjoy safer, fresher and better tasting drinking water right at your fingertips. All Pure Water Technology® systems feature Bio Protection™ Dispense Ports for worry-free dispensing, glass after glass!

  • Hot and Cold Instant Dispense
  • 80 Gallon per day Reverse Osmosis
  • Activated Oxygen Injection
  • ATS - Auto Tank Sanitation
  • RO and Filtration Quality Monitoring
  • Sanitary Quick-Change Filter Design
  • LCD Display Panel

Water Softening Systems

Commercial Water Softening Systems

Hard water scale build-up can reduce the lifespan and effectiveness of your water using departmental equipment.  Nimbus has a solution to meet the demanding specifications of all types of businesses and institutions with simple and reliable equipment. Benefits include: reduction in energy costs, elimination of scale build up on fixtures and appliances, and reduction in chemical costs. 

Water hardness is responsible for many maintenance and process problems in commercial applications. The Nimbus line of Automatic Commercial Water Softeners provides soft water to meet the demanding specifications of all types of businesses and institutions with simple and reliable equipment.

Water Filtration Systems

Commercial Water Filtration Systems

The Nimbus line of commercial filters will ensure years of trouble-free service, improve the taste and appearance of your products and prolong the life of your water using departmental equipment. Every system is unique and is fully customized to fit your needs. Benefits include: improving functionality of equipment, improved product taste & appearance and prolonged equipment life.

Commercial Water Filters:

  • Manganese Greensand Filter
  • Multi-Media Filter
  • Neutralizing Filters
  • Chemical Free Iron Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter

Water Purification Systems

Commercial Water Purification Systems

Nimbus has a wide selection of Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Filtration systems. From departmental equipment to storewide applications, Nimbus will provide a solution to fit your needs and budget. Benefits Include: improved quality and flavour of food and beverages, prolonged shelf life of produce and protection of production equipment from the wear and tear of untreated water. 

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Reduce your operating costs with a customized Preventative Maintenance Program from Nimbus. Nimbus has a full-time service department, 24-hour emergency line and a certified service team across Canada. Nimbus technicians and associates are certified through the Canadian Water Quality Association's (CWQA) Professional Development Program and are dedicated to promoting the highest principals of honesty, integrity and credibility.

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