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How hard is your Water

  We all know what hard water can do to your home, hair, skin and appliances. But do you know  how hard it is?  I have attached a link with just this information, and a chart that tells you if your H2O is considered hard or not.  You can find your city and see where you stand.     If your city is not on the list remember there are other ways to see if there are hardness […]

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Door to Door Sales Update

I am concerned about what is happening with door to door sales. I personally get leads this way in the warmer weather and find it rewarding and good for business. There have been warnings and reports sent out recently about other companies, giving this form of advertising a bad name. They are being aggressive and lying to get into the house. I want to make this clear, Aquabon is not one of these companies. We do […]

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