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How hard is your Water

  We all know what hard water can do to your home, hair, skin and appliances. But do you know  how hard it is?  I have attached a link with just this information, and a chart that tells you if your H2O is considered hard or not.  You can find your city and see where you stand.     If your city is not on the list remember there are other ways to see if there are hardness […]

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Do you know how to take care of your Well Water?

Having well water is not a bad thing, unless you are not taking care of it properly.  There are things you need to do with a well that you do not need to do when you are on municipal water.  This is to make sure it is safe and clean.  If you have purchased a home that is on a well then it is a good idea to be educated by a professional on how to use […]

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Do you have Discoloration in Your Water

There are many causes for discoloration in your water. Some of the most common causes are mud, sand, Iron, tannin or manganese. The way the water looks could indicate what is causing it. If the H2O is cloudy it could be mud or sand. If it is yellow causes include but are not limited to, Iron or Tannin. If the water is brown you may have Iron or Manganese in the water. Discolored in your water is due […]

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