Benefits of Soft Water

Soft Water in The Kitchen

Have pure water dispensed from your fridge

Ice cubes made with pure water are clear and tasteless

Soft water will consume less soap detergents

Soft water is gentle on your hands and Dechlorinated water won't further dry your skin

Use a lot less detergent with softened water

Soft water inhibits a build-up of minerals and adds life to your device

Pure water prevents scaling in kettle and makes the best cup of tea or coffee

Soft Water in the Bathroom

Soft water leaves your towels feeling soft and fluffy

The minerals present in hard water inhibit soap's lathering and cleaning capabilities

Save money on cleaning supplies. Water softener eliminates the deposits hard to clean

Faucets on hard water cannot maintain the specified 1.25 gallons per minute flow rate because of scale collection of the strainers

The strainers on the faucets using un-softened water are almost completely plugged after 19 equivalent days of testing

Your skin is softer when you bathe with soft water

De-chlorinated soft water will make your skin smoother and your hair silkier

Shower heads on hard water loseĀ 75% of the flow rate in less than 18 months

Soft Water in the Dining Room

Pure water is what your body needs to flush itself

All food prepared with pure water, taste better

Soft Water in the Laundry Room

Soft water uses a lot less soap to clean your clothes

Your clothes last longer and remain brighter longer with softened water

Your clothes will feel softer every time and last longer with soft water

Soft Water in the Mechanical Room

The minerals present in hard water inhibit soap's lathering and cleaning capabilities

Soft water helps hot water tank operate efficiently and save money on energy consumption

Soft Water Outdoors

Your plumbing will last longer by eliminating calcium and magnesium

Hard water creates scale build-up in your plumbing. When pipes get clogged, it slows down the water flow throughout your home

Water softener removes Chlorine and eliminates problems such as Dried-out skin, Hair damage, Swimsuit damage, Chlorine odors on skin, Red eyes

Soft water leaves no residue orĀ stain just after you wash your car

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