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Clean water is a necessity for long life and good health. We here at AQUABON understand that. That is why we have gone out of our way for the past 30 years to help you and your family find the best way to refine the water that you use every day. We offer you a wide range of products, from water softeners to reverse osmosis filtration units, as well as a variety of filters.

We here at AQUABON welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and your family and discuss your water needs. Our water specialists are certified by the Canadian Water Quality Association and can explain exactly what is happening with your water. Our service technicians are all professionals, and are prepared to deal with any concerns you may have about your installation. Our support doesn’t stop there. We continue to service all of our units after installation, making sure that your water needs continue to be met for years to come.

We treat all of our clients as part of our family. By letting us help you with your water needs, you will become a part of our growing family as well.

Welcome to our family!

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